Welcome to the website for the EIT Conference 'Fostering innovation
and strengthening synergies within the Eu'

organised by the European Institute on Innovation and Technology (EIT) held under the auspices of the
Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference will take place in Trinity College Dublin on 29 and 30 April 2013.
Innovation is key to placing the European Union back on track, generate long-term sustainable economic growth, tackle societal challenges and further improve Europe’s standard of living. As the EIT strives to become a reference model for fostering innovation in Europe, it is becoming increasingly important to learn from and share our experiences with the wider innovation community. As a continuation of the series of the EIT conferences held under the auspices of the rolling EU presidency, we consider this conference an opportunity to do so ahead of the launch of the new call for the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). The event will focus on sharing our experiences at all three levels of the EIT “value chain”: the European level, KICs and locally at Co-location Centres through impact and engagement on the European Innovation landscape.
The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is the first initiative of its kind set up by the European Union with the mission to increase European sustainable growth and competitiveness by reinforcing the innovation capacity of the EU.

It is doing so by focusing on bringing together actors from within the ’Knowledge Triangle’ (business, research and higher education) to work together in novel ways.

It builds primarily on its ’Knowledge and Innovation Communities’ (KICs), with the main aim of building strong communities around physical spaces in which networking, collaboration, incubation, education and wider entrepreneurship support work hand in hand to create the next generation of innovators.

For more information visit http://eit.europa.eu